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Boise Area Fishing Reports 10/05/2021

Boise River - 310 cfs, water temp approx 60 deg. Some Trico activity, caddis in size 16/18, and midges from size 20 to so small you can see barely them. Fishing is really good right now. My go to is a 2 nymph rig with a tungsten beaded size 16 and a smaller nymph following it. Perdigons, Rainbow Warrior, Lightning Bug, and tailwater midge patterns have all made the list lately. It is streamer time, but I have been slacking. Some of the gang have been doing well on them.

South Fork of the Boise - 305 cfs, temps 59-61. October Caddis, Crane Flies, PMDs, Flavs, and BWOs are all hatching at various times and spots on the river. Streamers are working, as are euro nymphing techniques when the fish are not on top. Terrestrials are a good bet too.

Owyhee - 21 cfs. The river is very low, and the browns are beginning to show spawning activity. Please leave spawning fish alone, and stay put of gravel areas where they spawn. Midges are alway in play on the O. Still some PMDs, a few Callibaetis, Crane Flies, caddis, and keep an eye out for BWOs and Mahoganies with the upcoming cooler and damp weather.

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